Takes the stress out of your big day

Wedding RunSheet App

So, you have completed  the booking, inviting and planning for your wedding? Now, what?  How do you know if everything will go as planned on your big day? Avoid the stress of carrying out one of the most important days of your life with Wedding RunSheet App.
The biggest challenges you will face on your wedding day revolve around the need for constant communication, ensuring everyone knows their role and keeps on track with the schedule. How will you be able to do all that while still smiling for the cameras and greeting guests? Half the battle is making certain everyone knows what to do and when to do it. This is where the Wedding RunSheet App can help.
The Wedding RunSheet App allows you to create and share your personalized schedule with helpful alerts, prompting each person involved of upcoming tasks and activities. Finding important contact details with the app is simple, and with features like group notification, you can rest assure that communication won’t be an issue on your big day.

Consider that an average wedding nowadays costs around USD/AUD $40,000 and 150 hours on planning. What price would you pay to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly?